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Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

-Albert Eistein

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Twin horse is your business improvement partner. We have shaped best practice for over 10 years, helping organizations around the US embed excellence, build competence and capability for sustainable growth.


Consulting Practices

Oil & Gas Industry

Gas detection, turnaround & shutdown, Respiratory protection, Emergency response, Training, Compliance, Certification communications, medical management, RapidMEQ.

Industrial Hygiene

How healthy is your workplace and how are industrial hygiene programs integrated into your business?

Construction in Health

Building a safety culture.

Safety Consults

Develop proactive and cost-effective management solutions that improve safety.

Environmental Compliance

Are you able to maintain consistent environmental compliance?

Covid-19 Regulations

We are committed to partnering with clients and businesses to ensure employee safety and business continuity as the world embraces climate-change disruptions, and pandemics.

ESG Consultant

Our Foundation

The ROY Foundation is a foundation which is designed to Reach Outstanding Youth in our community. The ROY Foundation purpose is to honor youth whom make a difference to help build a more positive environment and world as well as adults who encourage and motivate young adults to reach for excellence.

Gracias Foundation



Introduction: Gracias serves as padrinos and madrinas to mariachi Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas.  We facilitate scholarship opportunities and provide  support to Mariachi in order to enhance the cultural aspect of our community. Gracias provides opportunities for community, youth, and corporations to work together to develop and enhance the musical culture of our community through mariachi. 


Mission statement: Gracias Foundation supports ambitious Marachi talent in educational needs through experience and education in our community.


  • Reach students with a musically inclined talent to obtain a college education.
  • Provide community outreach to encourage youth to attend college through participation in Mariachi.
  • Educate public of historical value of Marachi in Community
  • Support college and university students in Marachi activities 
  • Provide financial support for college and university to talented Marachi students 

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